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Bill Haley’s Comets


8:00 pm - Doors Open

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  • Bill Haley’s Comets | 27-03-2014 | @ Under The Bridge

**POSTPONED** this gig has been moved from Thursday 27th March 2014 to Saturday 9th August 2014 – Tickets purchased for Thursday 27th March will be honoured – Sorry for the inconvenience**
Click here to purchase tickets for the rescheduled date.

Bill Haley ad


AGMP presents


60 years of “Rock around the Clock” Tour

featuring Original Members of the Comets

Dick Richards – Original Drummer

Bill Turner – Original Lead Guitarist

Joey Ambrose – Original Sax Player

Pete Davenport – Original Steel-Guitarist

and introducing…

Gina Haley – Bill Haley’s Youngest Daughter

+ full band

This is a real world premiere. For the first time worldwide three generations of Bill Haley’s Comets will perform together in one show – age 40 to 90 (ninety) years!

It was in April 1954, when “Rock Around the Clock” was recorded at Pythian Temple in New York, that Rock ‘n’ Roll truly was given birth. This new sound was strong, simple, and loud, and you could dance to it. “Rock Around the Clock” became the first rock ‘n’ roll recording to hit the top of the American record charts, a feat it repeated on charts around the world. Haley’s version is believed to have sold more than 50 million copies over the last 60 years – making “Rock Around The Clock” the most ever sold rock ‘n’ roll song of all times – and is said to be playing somewhere in the world every minute of the day.

Bill Haley’s Comets take you on a trip back into the ‘Golden Age’ of rock ’n’ roll. Experience the wonderful music of Bill Haley, the Father of Rock ’n’ Roll, in an original fifties performance with original outfits and original sound – all combined with great stage acrobatics, wild dance routines and perfect entertainment.

Being the only legal successors to the legendary Bill Haley and his band and featuring original Haley musicians Joey Ambrose, Dick Richards and Bill Turner and Original Comets’ steel-guitarist Pete Davenport, these guys are as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. They will be joined by Bill Haley’s highly talented daughter, singer and guitarist Gina Haley, touring in memory of her father.

Performing half a century in Bill Haley’s name means thousands of gigs all over the world, all-time most popular rock songs, double basses flying through the air, drums walking across the stage, saxophones leaping over tables and guitar strings ringing to a rhythm that even after 60 years hasn’t lost its thrill. Music that even today makes fans jump off their chairs and girls faint by the dozens. – This is the true spirit of classic rock ’n’ roll…!

  • Bill Haley’s Comets | 27-03-2014 | @ Under The Bridge
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