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Fudge & The Frequency


7:30 pm - Doors Open


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  • Fudge & The Frequency | 22-07-2016 | @ Under The Bridge

Doors+DJ: 19:30
Sharlette: 20:15
Larissa Eddie: 20:45
Fudge And The Frequency: 21:30
Curfew: 23:00


Fudge and the Frequency are an energetic music collective who are telling the world to “Wake the Funk up!” Lead singer Fudge looks just as cutting edge as he sounds. His voice has a soulful rawness to it that cannot be taught or trained.

Their music is a fusion of funk, soul, dubstep, hip-hop, rock and reggae, which the act have coined Futuristic Funk, with the voice of Fudge sitting perfectly in the middle of this soundscape, the listener is drawn into The Frequency by the clever lyrics and fresh tone. The vocals have been dubbed a mixture of Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder with a futuristic punch in the face.

Fudge is a headstrong artist with a clear vision of what he wants from his music and how he wants it to impact upon the world. In staying true to his musical beliefs he has turned down offers from major labels willing to sign him as a pop dance music act. The singer says, “I would rather sing the music I love to 10 people then sell out arenas with something I am not passionate about“.

When Fudge and the Frequency bring the live show to a venue near you make sure you do not miss out. Since bringing their Futuristic Funk sound to the London live music scene, The Frequency have performed to sell-out crowds at venues including Cargo, the Clapham Grand, the Borderline and Kensington Roof Gardens, where they were described by management as, “The best live act we have ever had here.” The buzz is spreading fast and F&F are quickly being dubbed the band to watch in 2014. Fudge and the Frequency aim to bring both the funk and the fun back into the music industry. The blend of the raw, soulful tone and futuristic composition backs up the team motto which is…Dare to be you.

Fudge and the Frequency, dragging funk to now.

Special support from LARISSA EDDIE

  • Tickets
  • Fudge & The Frequency | 22-07-2016 | @ Under The Bridge
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