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The Glass Spider Band


5:00 pm - Doors Open

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  • The Glass Spider Band | 17-12-2013 | @ Under The Bridge



The Glass Spider Band Play the Songs of David Bowie

An exclusive evening in celebration of Bowie’s legendary 1987 world tour featuring a Q&A with original tour member Erdal Kizilcay, a screening of the fairytale film Labyrinth and live performances of Bowie’s greatest hits

I either want a bad response or a good response, I hate something in the middle…if it’s politely received then it’s a total failure for me
– David Bowie, 1987

The Glass Spider Tour, David Bowie’s epic world tour in 1987, was preposterous, seminal, excessive, brilliant and contradictory. Like almost no other artistic endeavour in the history of human creativity, the tour oscillated between absolute genius, kitsch and very bad, and was often all of these simultaneously. In what was a very brave move, Bowie eschewed a sterile greatest hits show, favouring an elaborate set crowned by an enormous spider, five dancers choreographed by Toni Basil and a set list heavily laden with esoteric choices from his back catalogue. Although by far Bowie’s most commercially successful period, the mid to late 1980s were seemingly his most difficult as an artist and The Glass Spider Tour, and the Never Let Me Down album that accompanied it, have become symbols of Bowie’s desolate nadir.

In 2013, the year of Bowie’s triumphant return, a reappraisal of Bowie in 1986/87 is now required. Despite much criticism, the Glass Spider Tour was a major influence on many artists and changed the expectations and look of stadium rock for evermore. To celebrate the legacy of this most Bowie-esque stadium opera, Under the Bridge presents The Glass Spider Band, featuring original tour members Erdal Kizilcay and Richard Cottle. Compered by former presenter of The Word Katie Puckrik, the programme for the evening will also include a screening of the 1986 fairytale film Labyrinth, DJ sets from Jaffo – a performer in Bowie’s 1984 Jazzin’ for Blue Jean film – and a selection of Bowie’s ‘60s songs performed by legendary Soho character Phil Dirtbox. Puckrik will also interview Erdal Kizilcay about life on the road with David Bowie, providing an insight into the decadence, the music and working under a 60ft high spider for 9 months.

5pm – DJ set from Jaffo (Star of Bowie’s Jazzin’ for Blue Jean video)

5:30pm – Screening of Labyrinth (1986, dir. Jim Henson)

7:15pm – Q&A on touring with David Bowie with Erdal Kizilcay, star of Bowie’s Glass Spider Tour, with Katie Puckrik

7:45pm – Jaffo dj set

8pm – Legendary Soho character Phil Dirtbox performs a selection of Bowie’s 1960’s songs

8:45pm – Jaffo dj set

9pm – Performance by the Glass Spider Band. David Bowie collaborators Erdal Kizilcay and Richard Cottle reprise the sound of Bowie’s spectacular Glass Spider Tour from 1987; the height of Bowie’s fame as a pop star.

10:45pm – Jaffo dj set

  • Tickets
  • The Glass Spider Band | 17-12-2013 | @ Under The Bridge
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