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7:00 pm - Doors Open


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  • IAN SIEGAL | 15-11-2016 | @ Under The Bridge

7pm Doors
8:30pm Ian Siegal
10:30pm Curfew


AGMP presents


“Awash with wit, lust and distraction…one of the most inventive Blues recordings ever made by a British artist.” MOJO Magazine

Multi-award winning British bluesman Ian Siegal marks quarter-century anniversary with a special show at Under The Bridge.

Twenty-five years. There aren’t many constants since 1991, but Ian Siegal’s mission statement has barely changed. Songs that are real. Shows that resonate. Vocals served raw. Such are the old-fashioned values behind an award-winning career.

As an artist in constant motion, Ian Siegal has never been a man for backslaps or laps of honour. But in 2016, the British bluesman will toast that milestone anniversary with a trademark burst of hyperactivity: a European tour, an illustrated book of lyrics, and a 38 song retrospective CD release.

There may also be a moment of reflection. If you had told the 20-year-old Siegal, on the night of his first professional band gig in 1991, of the acclaim to come, he’d have dryly laughed it off. Likewise, with the blues genre then in desperate straits, it was unthinkable that he would one day take this music overground in 45 countries, or preside over a trophy haul that includes eight British Blues Awards including the Hall of Fame, three European Blues Awards, two Mojo Blues Albums Of The Year, and three US Blues Music Awards nominations – an unprecedented nod for a non-American.

Twenty-five years. A thousand highlights. And yet, for all the dizzying achievements in the rear-view mirror, the most important part of any Ian Siegal chronology is always the blank space at the end. In a music industry built on nostalgia, past glories and diminishing returns, this is one artist with his eye on the future and a hunger for new horizons. A quarter-century later, Ian Siegal is only just getting started.

  • Tickets
  • IAN SIEGAL | 15-11-2016 | @ Under The Bridge
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