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NEUE DEUTSCHE MUSIK – Automat, Pyrolator, Sølyst


7:00 pm - Doors Open

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  • NEUE DEUTSCHE MUSIK – Automat, Pyrolator, Sølyst | 09-03-2017 | @ Under The Bridge

Doors: 7pm
Solyst: 7.30pm
Pyrolator: 8.45pm
Automat: 9.45pm
Curfew: 11pm


ELECTRI_CITY Düsseldorf and AGMP present

“Neue Deutsche Musik”


AUTOMAT are Jochen Arbeit, Achim Färber and Georg Zeitblom – the three members have previously appeared in such acts asEinstürzende Neubauten, Die Haut, Project Pitchfork and Sovetskoe Foto, respectively.

The electronic-kraut-dub trio with its shaking bass lines, delirious rhythms and hypnotic sounds will transport the listener into a kind of trance


Kurt “Pyrolator” Dahlke (co-founder of the legendary German label Ata Tak, solo artist and member of various bands such as DAF, Fehlfarben and Der Plan) reworks material from legendary composer and concept artist Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream, Kluster). He utilises unreleased footage for a audio-visual show that emphasises the darker, technoid side to Schnitzler’s output and reinterprets him as the leading pioneer of classic Berlin techno.


As the rhythmic powerhouse between krautrock/electronica/post-rock fusionists Kreidler, Thomas Klein has proved his chops as one of the most accomplished and creative drummers in the German music scene, and now he comes to the fore with his dub and techno-influenced solo project “Sølyst” presenting  his interpretation of Tribal Dub Krautrock.

  • Tickets
  • NEUE DEUTSCHE MUSIK – Automat, Pyrolator, Sølyst | 09-03-2017 | @ Under The Bridge
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