Time: May 21, 5271 19:00
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Raul Midón

TIMINGS: 7PM DOORS 8PM JESSE GAMAGE 9PM RAUL MIDON Raul Midon London Concert Under the Bridge AGMP presents RAUL MIDON in concert +Special Guest Jesse Gamage Singer-songwriter Raul Midón stands at the soulful intersection of R&B, Latin, jazz, reggae and flamenco. His music is a beacon, a rhythmically melodic guide into a world where creative boundaries are erased. His voice sounds like a mixture of Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano. His songs flow organically; they are polished and breezy without ever losing the integrity of pure musicianship. Midón, a New Mexico native who’s been blind since infancy, has three released albums to his credit — 2005’s State of Mind, 2007’s A World Within a World and 2009’s Synthesis. He’s a skilled guitarist as well as a  human beat-box. In concert he can be a one-man band. But all he really needs is that voice, an acoustic guitar and those soothing songs. “A one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus.The New York TimesMidón has a lovely voice, a beautifully controlled tenor that can express anything from tenderness to passion. And the guy can play. His strumming has a flamenco flourish, but after a while, you realize he can do every kind of accompaniment he needs on acoustic guitar.The Guardian

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