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The Black Mamba


7:00 pm - Doors Open


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  • The Black Mamba | 17-06-2017 | @ Under The Bridge

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The Black Mamba’s UK debut is here!

The Black Mamba are taking the world by storm, selling out venues from the USA to Angola to Brazil to Spain, after the success of their first hit single ‘Wonder Why’. Formed from some of Portugal’s greatest musicians, these experienced performers wind their way through the universe of funk, soul and blues with agility and grace.

Bringing high levels of positive energy, their delightful performances will invariably have you up on your feet. Their raw talent and pure passion for music does not fail to charm.  Each show is unique as The Black Mamba showcase their musical intuition and proficiency through improvised sets with a variety of star guests invited to join them on stage.

Joining them on stage for their London debut is Grammy winner Skyler Jett from the Motown Hall of Fame group, The Commodores and the Music Ambassador for Global Change. His rich soulful voice will add a silky layer to the blended rhythms of funk, soul and blues. “I just love performing with the Black Mamba. Trust me, Tatanka and the guys are awesome!” Skyler Jett.

Experience The Black Mamba sensation for yourself in this highly anticipated show.

  • Tickets
  • The Black Mamba | 17-06-2017 | @ Under The Bridge
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