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Zemfira *SOLD OUT*


7:00 pm - Doors Open


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  • Zemfira *SOLD OUT* | 24-04-2016 | @ Under The Bridge


Under The Bridge Presents


*all tickets are sold out – no tickets will be available on the door*

Early Bird tickets £90 available until Thursday 31 March
Full Price £135
Zemfira Ramazanova, or simply Zemfira, is a Russian singer and song writer, who has been recording and performing professionally on stage since 1998. She was born and raised in Ufa, Bashkortostan. There Zemfira composed her first songs, shaping up her unique style and drawing inspiration from The Beatles, Queen and Radiohead, as well as from the famous Russian band Kino. Her songs embrace many genres ranging from traditional rock and disco to alternative rock and electronic samples, from calypso and bossa-nova to jazz and funk. Zemfira’s very first record immediately put her on top of charts and earned multiple awards.

Apart from working in the studio and touring, Zemfira is actively involved in film industry. Her songs feature in the films of Alexey Balabanov, Kira Muratova, Fedor Bondarchuk and Renata Litvinova. In 2008 Zemfira acted as producer of a musical documentary “Green Theatre in Zemfira”.

Zemfira is a quite rare example of a highly commercially successful independent artist in Russia. Over ten years ago she got free from the influence of producers and major record labels, and ever since she has been planning tours and releasing her albums independently.

Throughout her career Zemfira has shared the stage with legendary international artists. To name a few, in 2008 she performed with Patti Smith at “Sotvorenie Mira” festival in Kazan, in 2012 she joined Queen on stage of their Moscow show upon personal invitation of Roger Taylor and Brian May.

2016 has begun with Zemfira’s big tour of Russia, Belarus and the Baltics, called “A Little Man”. Especially for this tour Zemfira has assembled a band of UK musicians. First acts throughout the tour include Alex Vargas, Everything Everything, Daniel O’Sullivan, DJ Tasker and The Dears. The tour of 20 cities has already become record-breaking. The tickets to the closing show at Moscow’s Olympic Arena (capacity 25 000) on 1 April 2016 sold out so fast, that Zemfira decided to play an additional show in Moscow on 3 April 2016.

  • Tickets
  • Zemfira *SOLD OUT* | 24-04-2016 | @ Under The Bridge
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