frontin’ with jamie cullum

We were so knocked out that the mighty Jamie Cullum was added to the brilliant BluesFest roster at Under the Bridge we decided to celebrate by quizzing him with a few quick questions. He didn’t disappoint. (And we’re already scouring the web for his early ‘abomination’ of a band… )

Under The Bridge: What do you remember about your first ever London gig?

Jamie Cullum: “My first London gig was at the Half Moon in Putney with a rock band I will never divulge the name of. I am scared some footage might turn up on YouTube. This band was an abomination.”

UTB: You like to keep your performances fresh. What can the audience expect from upcoming shows?

JC: “I like to go out there with no set-list so my mind is clear, ready to present a unique performance. There is something magical and more nerve-racking about doing a hometown gig. There will be plenty of energy, lots of audience interaction and maybe… just maybe… shards of a new tune or two.”

UTB: You’re a welcome addition to the Bluesfest line-up. Which other artist are you most looking forward to seeing?

JC: “It has to be Georgie Fame — one of the most important musicians in this country. I absolutely love him.”

UTB: You must have been delighted to hear the gig sold out within 24 hours… Have you done a recce of Under The Bridge yet?

JC: “A friend of mine went to see the Guillemots and proclaimed it the best new venue to play music in, in London. I like the sound of that!”

UTB: As a UK music great we need a photo of you on the walls Under The Bridge — any favourites you’d recommend?

JC: “Yep — Georgie FAME!!!!”

Cheers, Jamie.

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