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‘Made In Chelsea’ at Under the Bridge



‘Made In Chelsea,’ the E4 reality TV show that follows a dozen twentysomething champagne socialites as they fulfill the glitzy dates in their social calendar is currently in its second hugely successful series.

Naturally, any Chelsea resident is going to stop by Under the Bridge, and the chaps and chapesses were recently filmed on a night out here.

So we got to see Caggie, accompanied by a piano, singing on our stage. She converted Lady Gaga’s ‘You And I’ and other tunes really quite well into torch songs, while the others sipped cocktails and negotiated their relationships.

The show certainly has a huge following. When the episode featuring Under the Bridge aired, our website was overwhelmed with the traffic.

We’re sure they’ll be back, so look out for further episodes filmed at Under the Bridge.

For those in Great Britain, click on the link to see scenes shot at UTB.

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