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Kensington Chelsea Westminster paper feature UTB



Under the Bridge are proud to have been featured in KCW Today‘s article on intimate West London music venues (KCW covers Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster). The article also spotlights The Troubadour Club, The 606 Club and AAA.

The article mentions:

“At peak volume this venue has been known to pack in up to 600 punters, which occasionally makes it feel a bit stuffy and claustrophobic, particularly on sweaty summer nights.”

To be fair, the venue’s blessed with air conditioning and does a decent job cooling down punters when it’s a packed night.

“But with such an eclectic mix of artists on stage and boasting an unrivalled sound system, Under the Bridge is a fine example of what South West London’s music scene can offer, and provides great value for a night on the town.”

Can’t argue with that!

Click to read the whole article.

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