BIMM Institute London

Client/Brand Name: BIMM Institute London

Event Date: Weekly, within term time (Oct-Dec / Jan-Mar / Apr-Jun)

Event Name: Live Performance Workshop

Number of delegates: 40-55

Event Brief

BIMM Institute London is one of Europe’s leading providers of popular music education. Based in Fulham, the institute has over 1,500 full-time students studying degree and diploma courses. All performance courses include a live performance module at each level of study. Having prepared in discipline-specific groups, vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers, together attend performance workshops under the guidance of two expert tutors.

To further enhance student learning opportunities, BIMM Institute London chose Under the Bridge to relocate a selection of live performance workshops. Under the Bridge was chosen, not only for its versatility but its world-class AV facilities, being a renowned live music venue. BIMM Institute London have held workshops at Under the Bridge for two consecutive years.

Why Under the Bridge?

Under the Bridge was first chosen to host BIMM Institute London’s gala opening in 2012, to celebrate their new Fulham location. Due to the excellence of the venue, staff, equipment and level of service, Under the Bridge has been the preferred hosts for two years, hosting many BIMM masterclasses and student performances.

By use the venue within the curriculum, BIMM and Under the Bridge provide students with one of the best stages and sound systems in Europe. BIMM’s courses are designed around authentic experiences, in teaching, learning and assessment, and Under the Bridge provides an excellent example of this.


BIMM Institute London commented: “The student experience is of the highest quality thanks to the level of support Under the Bridge provide through their venue management, sound crew, state-of-the-art equipment and warm welcome.

“Our students and staff consider it a privilege to have access to one of Europe’s leading venues, and the impact it makes on student learning is immeasurable.”