We appreciate that with regular news stories and updates about Covid-19 coronavirus, there are many questions that our clients and visitors may have around their booked and forthcoming events.

We are monitoring the coronavirus situation carefully and regularly, with the health and safety of our visitors and staff as our priority.

We hope that the following information is useful – please do contact your account manager, or our events team ([email protected]) should you have any other queries or concerns.

Additionally, we will issue updates via the club’s website as and when we feel it necessary.

We strongly advise our visitors to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England regarding the virus.

If you experience any symptoms associated with coronavirus, or have travelled from a high-risk area within the last 14 days, (an updated list of affected countries can be found here) we ask that you not attend events in any of our venues and seek appropriate medical advice.

We are following local and national public health guidelines closely, and have introduced a number of measures (which will evolve as required), including:

o   Communication of WHO recommendations regarding hand, respiratory and best hygiene

o   Strengthened collaboration with onsite teams (AV, registration, venue) to ensure vigilance and health and safety processes

o   Public health messaging displayed and shared during the event

o   Increased cleaning routines across our venues and strengthened hygiene and sanitisation in public areas

Those who wish to visit our site and attend their booked event, and who are not impacted by travel restrictions, are free to do so. If coming from outside of the UK our event attendees are encouraged to check the latest travel advice and entry guidelines for the UK before making arrangements.

Our stadium operations and health and safety teams are working to ensure that all possible precautions are in place.

How else can our visitors help and protect themselves?

In addition to hygiene advice from WHO and Public Health England, you may wish to take the additional sensible precautions:

  • Our visitors are asked to comply with a club suspension of common forms of greeting that involve contact i.e., handshaking and kissing on the cheek, within all of our sites
  • You may wish to carry a personal supply of hand sanitiser, tissues and wipes in and outside of the event
  • You may wish to consider an enhanced cleaning/sanitisation regime for your event and you may want to consider having extra sanitising gel/wipes for delegates.
  • Keep up to date with public health advice for your location and that of the events.
  • Should there be any changes to the current recommendations from the WHO or Public Health England, we will review and share their instructions promptly.