Postponed Shows

Please see list below of concerts that have been either postponed or cancelled. Please check in for updates.

Ben Waters & Ronnie Wood

Original date 16th + 17th March 2020
New date TBC
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David McAlmont Presents Billie Holiday
Original date 20th March 2020 and then 28th August 2020
New date 7 May 2021

Freak Power
Original date 27th March 2020 and then 4 September 2020
New date 30 April 2021

Chelsea Blues Rhythm & Rock Festival
Original date 28th March 2020 and then 31st October 2020
New date 13th March 2021

Live Dead 69
Original dates 3+4 April 2020 and then 17+18 July 2020
New dates 27+28 March 2021

Stephen Bishop
Original date 5th April 2020
New date TBC

Nash Nights UK x UTAT Presents Izzie Walsh
Original date 25th April 2020
New date TBC

Danielle Nicole
Original date 9th May 2020

Mike Masse
Original date 13th May 2020
New date 24th March 2021

The South
Original date 16th May 2020 + 21st August 2020
New date 23rd April 2021

Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy
Original date 28th May 2020
New date 16th April 2021

Janet Kay & Carroll Thompson
Original date 30th May 2020 and then 20th November 2020
New date 11th June 2021

Theatre of Hate
Original date 31 May

Funk at The Bridge – The Haggis Horns, Crowd Company, DJ Perry Louis
Original date 26 June 2020
New date 26 March 2021

Kingdom of Madness
Original date 25th September 2020
New Date 14th May 2021

Original date 16th October 2020
New Date 1st April 2021

Funk At The Bridge: Kokomo + Crowd Control + DJ Perry Louis
Original date 30th October 2020
New Date 19th March 2021

Original date 13th November 2020
New Date 26th February 2021

The Christians
Original date 14th November 2020
New Date 4th June 2021

Original date 17th November 2020
New Date 27th May 2021

The Vapors
Original date 27th November 2020
New Date 15th October 2021

Si Cranstoun
Original date 18th December 2020
New Date 10th April 2021

Jan Akkerman Band
Original date 25th January 2021

BB King Blues Band
Original date 1st May 2020 and then 4th December 2020
New date 17th December 2021

The Zombies
Original date 21st May 2020 and then 4th March 2021
New date 4th March 2022

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